Economic activity is slowing in the Western Balkans, as investments and exports fade amid rising internal and external imbalances.

Regional Economic Update

d88尊龙|首页Economic growth across Europe and Central Asia is slowing, with regional growth estimated at 1.8% for 2019.

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d88尊龙|首页Growth projections in the Western Balkans region for 2018 have been revised upward and are now estimated to reach 3.5%. Growth was stimulated by higher public investment and consumption, while countries with higher growth rates boosted them mostly by investment and exports. Over 90,000 jobs were created in the first half of 2018, with new employment mostly in industry and services.


d88尊龙|首页Kosovo and Albania are expected to grow at 4% this year. At 3.8%, Montenegro’s growth is projected to be 1 percentage point higher, although still lower than last year. Growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to be stable at an estimated 3.2%. Serbia’s economy has rebounded to 3.5% growth after last year’s weather-related slowdown. North Macedonia’s growth also rebounded to 2.5%, as investor confidence was Restored.



Linda Van Gelder

d88尊龙|首页Country Director, Western Balkans

Emanuel Salinas

Country Manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro

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Economic Update

Western Balkans Regular Economic Report

This is a semi-annual report on recent economic developments and economic outlook in the Western Balkans.

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Country Partnership Strategy

The latest strategy for working with the country outlines key development priorities for the period of 2016-2020.

Regional Economy

The Western Balkans Labor Market

d88尊龙|首页 Countries in the region have created roughly 300,000 jobs since 2010. But more needs to be done to address high unemployment.

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This project is providing both social and environmental benefits to people across the city.

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